Get to Know Mike

Q: What the best piece of investment advice you've been given?

A: “Expend your emotional capital on the things that really matter, not your financial investments. Don't lose your objectivity.”

Q: What is your favorite structure in the world?

A: “The Golden Gate Bridge—the ultimate example of where great form and function intersect with ‘location, location, location.’ It’s a timeless beauty that never takes a bad photo."

Q: What is your greatest professional habit? And what's a not-so-great one?

A: “I’d say my greatest is treating everyone equally, from the cleaning crew to the CEO. Not-so-great? Procrastination. (Like the length of time it took me to answer this question.)"

Q: How do we keep brick-and-mortar retail relevant in an ever more digital and technology-driven world? 

A“Ah, the ultimate question… Technology evolves in real time, and brick-and-mortar evolves in decades. Bringing them together in ways that solve for and anticipate stakeholders’ and communities’ demands will require the traditional landlord-tenant paradigm to shift into a much more collaborative relationship. We’ll all have to work more closely and mutually together to continue to push real estate forward into the future—not only quickly, but wisely and with agility.”

Q: What do you consider your biggest professional achievement?

A: “When I chose to stop practicing law, I told a recruiter that I never wanted to write another resume. And I haven’t.”